Vending Machines for Medicines are A Life Saver in Africa – Pelebox

Vending Machines for Medicines are A Life Saver in Africa – Pelebox
Vending Machines for Medicines are A Life Saver in Africa – Pelebox

There is a system, which is gaining significant popularity in South Africa, that is used to give patients that suffer from chronic illnesses the convenience of having medicine dispensed directly to them. The system is called Pelebox, and it is an innovation that was thought up by the engineer from South Africa, Neo Hutiri. Pelebox is a vending machine that is controlled by a computer, where patients can access prescription drugs by using a code that is assigned to them. Numerous people have called the Pelebox a life-saving system since almost all of the clinics and hospitals in South Africa are crowded. The system is modeled after an ATM, which makes it easier to use as it is more familiar to the people who use it.

The Reason Why The Pelebox Was Created

In South Africa’s public clinics or hospitals, you’ll have to face the challenge of waiting for a significant amount of time to get the medication you need for your chronic illness. Neo Hutiri thought created the concept after considering that the machine can be made in South Africa and where someone can get the medication they desperately need immediately, and not in several hours when it could be too late.

What The Patients Have To Do

Each of the patients’ details is put into the medicine dispensary’s computer system. Details of each patient are uploaded into a computer system connected to the machine. When the patients are getting their prescription, they have to enter where they prefer to pick up their medication. There are many lockers along the wall where the machine is placed, which a digital system controls. According to Hutiri, patients think that this is the most thrilling experience.

The workers that work with Pelebox get the medicine that’s already packed up, then they scan it. After they scan the medication, they put it inside one of the lockers at whichever location the patient entered into the machine they ordered from initially. The machine will then send a text message to the patient telling them that their medication can be collected and it comes with a code that can only be used once, which the patient uses to pick their medicines up from the specific locker that was assigned to them.

The Future Of Peleboxes

The Pelebox has been a popular machine among patients in South Africa ever since the machine was first brought to the country in 2016. There are several Peleboxes that patients can use all around the country. Hutiri partnered with an organization that revolves around healthcare, which is called the Aurum Institute. They are planning to put up more machines all over the country over time. The Peleboxes help over a thousand patients every month, so it is a big help with the lines in clinics and hospitals.

In conclusion, the Peleboxes have paved a path for many of South Africa’s patients that suffer from chronic illnesses. The popularity of the Peleboxes makes it so that when they are implemented in all cities of South Africa, there will be significantly fewer people that have to wait for many hours to get their medication, which they need for their survival.

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