The Hippo-Water Roller – From Africa for The Rest of The World

The Hippo-Water Roller - From Africa for The Rest of The World
The Hippo-Water Roller – From Africa for The Rest of The World

Water is one of the primary concerns of today’s world. There are millions of people who don’t have the availability of clean drinking water. Many parts of Asia and Africa are severely affected by this scarcity of water. People living in the comfort of a big city in a developed country can’t even think of what some people need to do to get themselves a litre of water. People from the areas that have water scarcity problem have to walk more than 5 miles every day to get water. Even the women and children walk this far and carry buckets and containers of water to their homes.

New water-providing technologies

Children have to miss their school to get water with their mothers in some parts of Africa and Asia. The world has to come up with new cutting-edge technology to save the world from the scarcity of water in the future. This problem is not going to limit to some areas but eventually will take the whole world in its grasp. The scientists are working on different kinds of solutions to this problem, like making machines which can turn any water into safe drinking water. Once, they achieve that, a proper process of cleaning the water and supplying it to almost everyone would be the next step.

As we’re waiting for the world to provide every person on Earth with surety of clean water availability, a new kind of innovation has come out from Africa.   The Hippo-Water Roller is an alternative for carrying buckets in their hands for miles. The roller can fill up to 100 litres of water in it (which is almost five times what a regular bucket carries) and is way easier to take from one place to another. This roller can help the women and children carrying water from far off places to make their task easier.

Features of Hippo-Water Roller

The Hippo-Water Roller is created in Africa to help children and women to walk less and roll the water to their homes instead of carrying it. The water roller is a cylindrical container, which can be moved from one place to another by the help of a bucket-like handle. People can either push the container or pull it to their homes by the use of the handle. This roller can transport five buckets of water in one go, which automatically reduces the number of rounds. More transportation of water in one go also means a smaller number of people required to carry water. This roller has helped parents to let their children study rather than assisting them in fetching water.

Benefits of Hippo-Water Roller

This innovation has also helped in reducing the number of injuries that occur during the transportation of water on people’s heads and shoulders. The lifestyle and hygiene of people have also improved immensely by this new technique. Hippo-Water Roller has done wonders in Africa when it comes to transporting water in drought-affected areas. This technique can also come in handy in other regions of the world, especially Asia. We can see this roller as a gift from Africa to the different parts of the world.

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