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Breaking Away from The Mould – Young African Innovators

Quartz Africa is a famous and well-known organization that is focused on ensuring that every upcoming or renowned innovator is accounted for. This is mainly for those innovators who are from and on the continent itself. This process has caused the organization to become well known for introducing many categories of innovators to the world, […]

Finding Funding in Africa For Entrepreneurs

Getting started withfunding is the first hurdle that confronts every African entrepreneur. The passion for your idea and business is always easy but finding sources for the money you need to raise is often difficult. Keep reading for some ways that African entrepreneurs can find funding for their startup business. The first tactic that often […]

Three African Accelerators Making A Difference

Rise Cape Town Rise is slowly changing the face ofen trepreneurship in Cape Town, South Africa. With a location in every fintech hub around the planet, this global community was built and created by the Barclays corporation. The purpose was to aidi and improve the future of financial services. Plenty of scaleups and startups connect […]

Five Remarkable African Tech Startups

Sokowatch Coming out of East Africa, the startup Sokowatch from Kenya is using tech to make business easier. Its main customers are small shops, and its goals are to increase access to everyday consumer goods. The orders made via Sokowatch are easily placed through texting. They are then dispatched to nearby delivery agents. These agents […]

Types Of African Lending And Finance

Informal financial markets form the backbone of African economic activity. In addition to these informal structures, nongovernmental organizations have also intervened in African financial markets. Africa is unique in that most financial activity happens outside the confines of the modern banking system. This article will examine the different types of African lending and finance, both […]

Microfinance In Africa

For a wannabe small business owner or a family in a poor village in need of a loan, options are few. In developing countries in Africa, microfinance has helped alleviate this problem. This article will set out the main principles of microfinance, how it helps the African people, and what its drawbacks are. What is […]

How Innovation Can Alleviate Poverty in Africa

According to the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD), endorsed by the United Nations, innovation and technology can go a long way toward alleviating poverty. Here are some surprising innovations that are making life more profitable for everyday Africans. Phones for all, even farmers The iCow app is a particularly innovative concept created by […]

China’s Influence in Africa

China is Africa’s biggest economic partner, but many countries would like to take its place. Developments like America’s withdrawal from global trade and Brexit all have a role to play in Africa’s future. What led to China’s friendship with Africa and what is the future of the Chinese-African relationship? Keep reading to find out. China […]

Entrepreneurs in Africa to Watch

Although much of Africa counts as an emerging market, it still has plenty of businesses and people growing rapidly. Almost every state has a number of entrepreneurs that are influencing their countries’ economies. Local founders with bright ideas are the future of change in both their communities and Africa as a whole. Entrepreneurship also can […]

Mobile Banking in Africa

Africa leads the mobile banking sector worldwide, representing over half of all the mobile money services on the planet. The sector is fast-moving and grows at a rapid pace. Even though traditional banks are lagging behind, there’s plenty of mobile money apps and services that continue to explode around the continent. Some are even linked […]