Bringing Scientific and Medical Breakthroughs to The World From Africa

After years of struggle, Cameron based medical doctor Conrad Tankou managed to win the award for the best health care service. The award was a $25,000 prize money that was held at the Next Einstein forum at Kigali in Rwanda. The young entrepreneur has come up with a concept that has genuinely stunned people all over the world. The journey to create what he has in the field of medicine did not come by easy either. There was a lot of negative criticism and undue remarks that were directed toward Tankou. The Next Einstein Forum was the first time, the project managed to capture the eyes of the medical board around the world and got the attention that it deserves. However, there are still some doubts amongst people if the product is really worth the respect that it is garnering.

Who is Tankou

Der. Conrad Tankou is a medical practitioner who lives in Bamenda. He put together a team of professionals and invented the GIC Med. The GIC Med is a microscope that is portable and digital as well. The gadget simply connects to your smartphone and can detect cervical cancer by scanning and sends the results from any remote destination. If there is one thing that lacks severely in Africa, it is the inability to connect with the different parts of the continent and has medical facilities available throughout the continent. Thanks to the new finding, Africa is now connected better.

Why is The GIC Med Important for Africa

There is a vast political upheaval that is taking Africa to the ground. Many of the political problems cause different areas of everyday life to take a beating. Children suffer, and the worst is in terms of connectivity. The internet is one of the biggest components that is affected by politics. The politicians shut it down to show the public that they can dominate them. Many of the blackouts have lasted even over 90 days in the past. The other problem is that only 25% of Africa is connected via the internet. Therefore, Tankou was faced with resistance from all sides when developing the product that relies on the internet heavily. However, with inventions come change. Thus, hope remains that with the inclusion of the GMI Med, there would be a massive upheaval in the internet state of Africa and that the western world will be able to come forward to support Africa.

The Einstien Forum gives the African inventor a base to showcase his visions for his country and the continent as a whole to the world. This enables western participation and influence in bringing technology to help promote the product as well. The west will also be able to influence the decisions of the young people and the old ones to take matters into their own hands and fight for better connectivity in their homelands. Thanks to forums like Next Einstein, many of the fabulous inventions are not just accessible to the African continent but also to the rest of the world.

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