Breaking Away from The Mould – Young African Innovators

Quartz Africa is a famous and well-known organization that is focused on ensuring that every upcoming or renowned innovator is accounted for. This is mainly for those innovators who are from and on the continent itself. This process has caused the organization to become well known for introducing many categories of innovators to the world, through lists created for each year. Up until now, Quartz Africa has listings marking the young and talented innovators from 2015 to 2018. The newest record, however, has more innovators who are a lot more gifted than previous innovators, not to mention it seems to be that they are a lot younger too. Included in the list included are some of the young innovators involved in the newest addition to the gallery of Quartz Africa.

Sarah Diof

Hailing from Senegal, Sarah Diof is a well-known designer who is responsible for the creation of a famous brand of clothing. This brand known as Tongoro is based on Dakar and is a ready-to-wear fashion brand. Not only was this brand of fashion incredibly favorite among many. It is also known to be incredibly affordable. The goal of this brand is to effectively bridge the gap in affordability in African label in clothing when more foreign and expensive brands dominated most of the marketplace. Tongoro is a brand of clothing that is a purely African brand and is known to source all of its materials from various towns and locations all over the continent.

Kelvin Doe

This young innovator from the electrical scrapyards of Sierra Leone, Kelvin Doe is a self-taught engineer who is well known for being the youngest individual to ever participate in the Visiting Practitioner’s program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Doe is not only a prodigy and known for his famous Ted speeches, but he is also a 22-year-old man who has recently founded his own company, K-Doe tech, which is an organization that emphasizes on generating more effective and sustainable forms of solar energy inventions. His organization helps many young people in his native land and even goes as far to host workshops and provide educational resources.

Silas Adekunle

As a known technic in his town, Adekunle is known for his expertise in mechanics and robotics. In fact, according to many of the people who lived in his hometown talked about how the world cause constant power outages while tinkering with batteries around the area. Now, Silas Adekunle is a well-known robotics graduate, who earned a first-class degree in robotics at the University of West England. He is also the creator of the corporation known as reach robotics and is a significant aspect of gaming robots.

Elvis Chidera

Like most children in Africa, Elvis Chidera is a Nigerian student who is also a self-taught software engineer. He is also responsible for creating an app that is now downloaded and installed over 35000 times. Chidera first learned to code on his phone, which had minimal features. The app designed by Chidera is known as the Prepapp, which has a function that is designed to help students prepare for their exams.

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