Africa’s Top E-Commerce Sites

With the world moving more towards online, it’s no wonder that the need for more industries to take their businesses online, has grown exponentially. Today, people never leave their couches or get off of their phones to do everyday tasks. Consumers have the luxury of shopping online, paying bills online, as well as getting entertainment by watching movies on TVplayer and playing casino games at Pokerstars. It’s no wonder people don’t leave their homes for anything anymore. Africa is one country that’s at the forefront of this evolution, with many Africans starting to take part in this online shopping trend. Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, all understand that everything is moving towards online, and if they want to stay in business, they need to adjust. This has caused a number of E-commerce platforms to emerge in Africa. Here are some of Africa’s top E-commerce sites that are reaping the benefits to this growing industry.

Man typing in credit card numbers

Man typing in credit card numbers


Jumia, known as Africa’s Amazon, is an online marketplace for groceries, electronics, and fashion, among many other things. What originally started in Lagos, now has expanded to more than 10 African countries. Jumia is an E-commerce platform that allows sellers to sell and ship packages to consumers, and their logistics service enables a payment service which processes transactions. Jumia’s mission statement is to use the internet to connect people, and right now, the company is lighting up the trail of E-commerce sites in Africa. Jumia has partnered with over 50,000 local African companies and individuals. Since its launch in 2012, Jumia has a network of over half a million sellers, and is known for being a hub for products and services from retail, hospitality, concierge and the hotel and catering industries. Not only that, but Jumia has been a great aid in helping qualified Africans get employment in Engineering, IT, online marketing, and web development.


Founded in 2012, is a Nigerian E-commerce platform that specializes in consumer electronics, fashion, books, home appliances, and more. Konga also has a logistics service, KXPRESS, that enables the on time shipment and delivery of packages to their customers. In 2015, Konga joined with leading Nigerian banks to launch KongaPay, which is similar to Paypal. KongaPay is a safe and convenient online payment method to help fight the trust issue when it came to online payment methods in Africa. Konga was the first in Africa to create an online payment system that was integrated with world banks. The online marketplace started its huge expansion in Nigeria when it rolled out with Konga Mall, which is a genius option that allows Nigerian businesses to showcase their products online.


Kilimall, Kenya’s biggest online shopping mall, is known for providing electronics, home appliances, fashion, as well as health and beauty products. The platform was built by a Chinese businessman, Yang Tao, and has over 10 million different products available online to consumers. Kilimall is now available in other countries such as Nigeria and Uganda, with its customer base growing rapidly each day. The unique value proposition of this company is that they offer their customers a 7-day free return policy on all of their goods, which is very appealing to customers. Because of the growing demand of online shopping, the company plans to spread across Africa even more by 2022.


South Africa’s largest online retailer, is an E-commerce platform that has helped grow online shopping in the country. Founded in 2002, Takealot was the first local retailer to take part in Black Friday. The company offers everything you need to stay entertained from books and games, to computers and televisions. Takealot has remained successful because of their constant want to be the best and offer their customers the very latest products available on the market. In 2011, invested in Mr Delivery, a multi-restaurant delivery service. As of 2019, the company has over 4,500 delivery drivers and carries out over 1.6 million deliveries every month.

E-commerce platform

E-commerce platform


Founded in 1999, Bidorbuy is one of South Africa’s oldest online marketplaces. The company allows buyers to not only purchase items they want, but they can also make bids on items. The company acts as an online auction site, similar to Ebay. Since the platform facilitates trades between buyers and sellers, Bidorbuy’s customers prefer second-hand products. Previously owned items such as antiques, collectibles, and clothing are some of the most popular items on the platform, accounting for 40% of all items sold. Other popular second-hand items that customers love are high-end DSLR cameras, laptops, books, and video games. BobPay was launched by the company to enable instant internet payments across the big South African banks. Over the years, Bidorbuy has made many acquisitions of South African online businesses, including the online job portal, and the E-commerce company

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