Monthly Archives: July 2018

Entrepreneurs in Africa to Watch

Although much of Africa counts as an emerging market, it still has plenty of businesses and people growing rapidly. Almost every state has a number of entrepreneurs that are influencing their countries’ economies. Local founders with bright ideas are the future of change in both their communities and Africa as a whole. Entrepreneurship also can […]

Mobile Banking in Africa

Africa leads the mobile banking sector worldwide, representing over half of all the mobile money services on the planet. The sector is fast-moving and grows at a rapid pace. Even though traditional banks are lagging behind, there’s plenty of mobile money apps and services that continue to explode around the continent. Some are even linked […]

Banking Challenges in Africa

The World Bank’s president has had many banks sign on to his aim of getting banking services to 1 billion more people. The goal of financial inclusion is admirable but there are a number of barriers to its success. The continent has its own unique issues, so what works in other markets don’t always transfer […]