The Smartphone Has Revolutionized the Way of Communication

In Africa, the smartphone has been a part of the basic service for a long time. It is as essential as electricity, water, and sewers. The number of users continues to grow dramatically. The British market research institute Ovum has found that the number of smartphone users has doubled in just three years. But this […]

M-Pepea – The African Innovation That is Tackling Financial Struggle

A financial emergency can occur at any time to anyone, that’s why we have got credit cards and savings account for those situations. However, what about the people living in the secondary parts of the world where they do not have access to the bank or loan facilities? David Munga, a 33-year-old Kenyan, who is […]

The Hippo-Water Roller – From Africa for The Rest of The World

Water is one of the primary concerns of today’s world. There are millions of people who don’t have the availability of clean drinking water. Many parts of Asia and Africa are severely affected by this scarcity of water. People living in the comfort of a big city in a developed country can’t even think of […]

Vending Machines for Medicines are A Life Saver in Africa – Pelebox

There is a system, which is gaining significant popularity in South Africa, that is used to give patients that suffer from chronic illnesses the convenience of having medicine dispensed directly to them. The system is called Pelebox, and it is an innovation that was thought up by the engineer from South Africa, Neo Hutiri. Pelebox […]

Bringing Scientific and Medical Breakthroughs to The World From Africa

After years of struggle, Cameron based medical doctor Conrad Tankou managed to win the award for the best health care service. The award was a $25,000 prize money that was held at the Next Einstein forum at Kigali in Rwanda. The young entrepreneur has come up with a concept that has genuinely stunned people all […]

African Inventions That Can Benefit The World

Africa, the dark continent, is home to some of the most spectacular scenery,  unique wildlife and natural beauty. It is also home to some beautiful inventions which would benefit the world at large. These new technologies aim to simplify our daily lives with their global appeal. These inventions will go a long way to make […]

Breaking Away from The Mould – Young African Innovators

Quartz Africa is a famous and well-known organization that is focused on ensuring that every upcoming or renowned innovator is accounted for. This is mainly for those innovators who are from and on the continent itself. This process has caused the organization to become well known for introducing many categories of innovators to the world, […]

Finding Funding in Africa For Entrepreneurs

Getting started withfunding is the first hurdle that confronts every African entrepreneur. The passion for your idea and business is always easy but finding sources for the money you need to raise is often difficult. Keep reading for some ways that African entrepreneurs can find funding for their startup business. The first tactic that often […]

Afrika – a financial challenge

Investment needs in financial structures You often get the idea, when Africa is mentioned, of poverty and famine. And of course, many live under severe conditions but you shouldn´t forget the fantastic Africa. An Africa where natural resources flows, and businesses are thriving. In the last 50 years there has been a lot of work […]

Three African Accelerators Making A Difference

Rise Cape Town Rise is slowly changing the face ofen trepreneurship in Cape Town, South Africa. With a location in every fintech hub around the planet, this global community was built and created by the Barclays corporation. The purpose was to aidi and improve the future of financial services. Plenty of scaleups and startups connect […]